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With "Super Novaa" Novaa releases her fifth studio album and at the same time her first with a Label (Humming Records). The songs of the Berlin musician and producer oscillate between soft electronic pop and hyperpop, condensed by orchestral elements. The feature guests involved are a kind of super star cluster of the music universe, including Mulay, Ayelle, LIE NING, Emily Roberts and Keke. "Super Novaa" is above all a celebration of the community and the joint creation, which is particularly exciting in view of the fact that Novaa has produced previous albums almost single-handedly. Novaa combines her qualities as songwriter, producer and co-musician into a multi-faceted, intimate and yet danceable body of work, whose clear messages shine all the more clearly in this arrangement - a supernova. Because at the same time "Super Novaa" is Novaa's temporary "farewell" to the music world, at least from the big stage. A headline tour for the album is planned for October 2023.

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